Cinnamon rolls – Fresh From the Oven

As much as I love to bake, yeasted products are not my forte.

I’ve only started baking my own bread in the past year, and to be honest I just don’t find it as exciting as sweet baking so I don’t do it as often.

I’ve decided that in order to be a more rounded baker, I need to focus a little more effort on breads and yeasted goods. For that reason, this month I joined Fresh From The Oven, a blogging group baking their way through the world of breads, one loaf at a time.

The October challenge was cinnamon rolls – a nice easy one to ease me into it!?!

I don’t have a clue what I’m doing with sweet yeasted rolls, so I followed the recipe to the letter, apart from substituting sultanas for apples as i had a glut to use up.

Every stage of the process was completely new to me, and as with all breads it was rather time consuming – but well worth the effort!

The icing on top is a stroke of genius – they make the rolls sticky, sweet and moist, and help to keep them fresher for longer.

All in all, I think that for my first Fresh From The Oven challenge I did a pretty good job – the photos don’t do them justice!

You can find the original recipe for cinnamon rolls at Things We Make – give it a go!


8 thoughts on “Cinnamon rolls – Fresh From the Oven

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  2. Haha Sally – that’s exactly what I did!

    Things we make (sorry I don’t know your real name!) thank you for including me in your round up – I really enjoyed the challenge!

  3. Oof! These are making me drooooool this early Monday morning. One of these with a cup of tea would be amazing. I definitely feel like I need to be a more rounded baker, too – I’m pretty hopeless with breads and savoury bakes. Perhaps I should sign up to FFTO! Laura 🙂

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